No degree visa

Brief introduction to no degree visa

Non-degree visas are available for pre-university, preparatory courses or other courses that do not grant academic qualifications or diplomas. The so-called non-educational, that is, after studying in Australia, does not receive a diploma in the Australian education framework.

Suitable for a degree-free visa

The separate pre-university course is currently due to the fact that most of the students apply for the preparatory course, they will apply for the admission letter of the university, and also meet the visa requirements of the fast e-visa SVP, which is simpler than applying for the pre-examination visa separately, so study Independent university preparatory courses, fewer and fewer applicants for non-degree student visas.

Credit-recognized exchange courses For Chinese students who have completed a Chinese-Australian cooperation bridge course, Chinese students studying in Chinese universities can use one semester or one year to study at Australian universities. The courses they pass are recognized by Chinese universities. Students will also receive a degree and diploma from a Chinese university. There are not many Chinese students in this category, but they are common among Western countries.

Some non-academic professional courses These courses are generally for professionals to come to Australia for training in one aspect. After the training, they can get the certificate of a professional institution or the certification of the industry.

Non-degree visa applicant requirements

There are currently no degree visas divided into streamline and non-streamline.

For Streamline applicants, the language requirements are mainly determined by the entry requirements of Australian universities. The visa application itself has no restrictions on IELTS scores.

For non-streamline applicants, the visa requires IELTS no less than 4.5 points. However, if you are studying at a university, the school will have special requirements for IELTS. Generally, the total score is not less than 6.0, and the IELTS of the Foundation Year requires a total score of not less than 5.5.

No degree visa guarantee requirement

For Streamline applicants, the visa has no deposit guarantee requirements, but the applicant needs to be able to prove that there is sufficient funds to study. The specific proof of funds varies from person to person, please consult us.

Applicants who are not streamline are required to meet the following funding guarantee requirements: 

Deposit deposits in bank deposits must be deposited in the bank three months before the visa application is filed. The guarantee may be in the name of the applicant, spouse, parent, grandparent/grandparent. If the uncle is an Australian citizen, permanent resident or New Zealand citizen, the funds of the uncle can also be used as the applicant. Security deposit. These funds must be available cash on the bank account. Stocks, funds and other wealth management products are not acceptable. These funds must remain on the bank account during the visa review period.

Form of Study Abroad If the applicant cannot provide bank deposits for more than 3 months, bank loans can also be accepted. At present, there are two forms of student loans approved by the Australian Immigration Service. The cash pledge is to use less loans and mortgages. The cash pledge can be processed on the day of applying for a visa, and the general bank can lend on the same day. Mortgage of a property usually takes at least a week, involving the assessment of the property and the pledge of a portion of the cash. Please contact us for the specific loan method. 


The Australian Immigration Service will update the policies and requirements of some visa categories at any time. Please contact us for the latest visa information.

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