Student Guardian Visa

Students under 18 years of age or who have physical or cultural requirements for an adult companion to accompany them to Australia may apply for a parent, legal custodian or relative to accompany them as a student guardian.

Who can be a Student Guardian?

A student guardian must:

• be a relative of the applicant

• be over 21 years of age and of good character, and

• meet health and financial requirements.

Except in exceptional circumstances, a student guardian must be related to the applicant in one of the following ways:

• spouse

• child

• adopted child

• parent

• brother or sister

• step-child

• step-parent

• step-brother or step-sister

• grandparent

• grandchild

• aunt or uncle

• niece or nephew

• step-grandparent

• step-grandchild

• step-aunt or step-uncle

• step-niece or step-nephew.

Student Guardian Visa Conditions

The following list describes the conditions that will generally be attached to a student guardian visa.

• No work

• No study for more than three months

• Must maintain approved overseas visitor health cover

• Cannot apply for any other Australian visa while in Australia except for:

– an extension of the student guardian visa, or

– to engage Australia\’s obligations under the 1951 UN convention relating to the status of refugees

• Continue to meet the requirements for a student guardian visa

• Must live with the student who has nominated you and, if the student is under 18 years of age, provide appropriate accommodation, welfare and general support

• Must not leave Australia without either:

– taking the nominating student with you, or

– notifying the department before your departure that you have made appropriate arrangements for the student\’s accommodation, welfare and general support in your absence and (if the student is under 18 years of age) obtaining written approval for the changed arrangements from the student\’s education provider

Different conditions apply to dependent children who are granted a Student Guardian visa.

For more information on detail for Student Guardian Visa applications please visit Student Guardian Visa

Health & character requirements

In some circumstances you may be requested to undertake a medical examination. More information explaining the health and character requirements are available from this website. See: Health requirements and Character requirements


Some of the requirements may change every financial year, please contact us for the latest migration policies and requirements updates.

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