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Multi Immigration provides migration visa services for both new applicants as well as appeals for rejected applicants, across a range of visas available for living, working, studying and investing in Australia. Further information on types of visas is as follows:

1. New Applications

1.1 Basic Requirements

Along side individual visa requirements, all PRs require:

  • A Fluent command of the English language
  • To be of good character
  • Meets the minimum health standards

1.2. Work Visa – Skilled Migration

  • General Skilled Migration Program
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme
  • Employer Nomination Scheme
  • SC 457 Long-Term Temporary Business Visa

1.3 Business Innovation, Investor, and Talent Visa

If you possess a good business background, and wish to make an investment or run a business, you and your family may achieve permanent residency status in Australia.

1.4. Family and Partner Migration

1.5 Student Visa

If you have any issues about your student visa, such as unsatisfactory attendance, or intention to cancel our student visa, we can help you in this difficult situation.

1.6 Visitor and Tourist Visas

  • Working Holiday Visa
  • Medical Treatment Visa
  • Sponsored Family Visitor
  • Tourist Visa

1.7 Investor Retirement Visa

2. Rejection Appeals

2.1 Merits Review – Tribunal Appeals

The Migration Review Division has the power to review decisions on almost all non-refugee kinds of visas, as long as the application was made in Australia, or if made overseas there is an Australian sponsor (e.g., a relative or sponsoring organisation)(www.mrt-rrt.gov.au)

The Refugee Review Division is the most specialised Tribunal. It only deals with refugee applications lodged in Australia for protection visas (www.mrt-rrt.gov.au).

2.2 Judicial Review

It appealed for a jurisdictional error in the visa application, with a lodgement to the Courts. Such appeals are costly, therefore professional advice is highly recommended.

2.3 Ministerial Intervention

If the MRT or RRT Tribunals has rejected the appeal, it is possible to ask the Minister for Immigration to substitute a more favourable decision. The Minister currently exercises this power around 500 times a year, mostly in cases involving Australian citizens whose lives would be adversely affected if the visa to the applicant were not granted.

When it comes to lodging an Australian visa application, we understand that the process can seem daunting and complex. We know that you may only have one opportunity to make an application and that your future prospects depend on achieving a successful outcome. We’re here to guide you through the maze and bring you out the other side.

If you would like to complete a visa assessment please do not hesitate to drop by our office for a visit, contact us at 02 9220 5104, or via email at info@multimmi.com.au

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